Most puzzling, weird and unsolved murder from the early last century

Hinterkaifeck murders took place in 1922 Hinterkaifeck was a small farmstead situated between the Bavarian towns of Ingolstadt and Schrobenhausen, approximately 70 kilometres (43 mi) north of Munich, that has become infamous as the scene of one of the most gruesome and puzzling unsolved crimes in German history. On the evening of March 31, 1922,Continue reading “Most puzzling, weird and unsolved murder from the early last century”

The Lake that mummifies animals – Lake Natron

Ever thought of a lake that would mummify animals and birds before they’re able to comprehend what’s going on? Seems kind of amusing. Below are some of the photographs of mummified animals at Lake Natron, a highly salty lake in Tanzania,Eastern Africa. The images give off an eerie vibe and it seems as if theContinue reading “The Lake that mummifies animals – Lake Natron”

The mystery of the Traub motorcycle

It was in the summer of 1967 that a plumber accidentally tore down a brick wall while renovating an apartment building in Chicago. An unknown corridor led to a baffling mystery to the entire motorcycle industry- It was a one of a kind motorcycle bearing a 1917 plate and the name “Traub”. The owner ofContinue reading “The mystery of the Traub motorcycle”

Sad Satan: The creepiest game ever known.

Sad Satan, is a game that was designed using Terror Engine. It consists of a first-person walk through a maze with creepy imagery, music, and sound effects, including things like the song “I Love Beijing Tienanmen” and “The Swedish Rhapsody” numbers station played backwards. At one point, it also plays a snippet of Led Zeppelin’sContinue reading “Sad Satan: The creepiest game ever known.”

Phallus: Crazy, weird and interesting!

Humanity is filled with things which are just impossible to believe in the first place. That doesn’t mean these things are untrue, in fact this makes them more interesting than others. Today I’m going to tell you one such tale which is impossible to believe. For that let’s go to Bhutan which replaced boring economicContinue reading “Phallus: Crazy, weird and interesting!”


Have you ever dreamt of becoming famous and rolling in piles of money? Most of us have, but how many of us have tried to do something to achieve it? Jeff Bezos has: by building Amazon, David Beckham has: by playing football, Leonardo Di Caprico has: by acting, Natwarlal has: by selling Taj Mahal… What??Continue reading “THE TAJ MAHAL ON SALE!!”

Meet the smoothest conman ever born

Meet Victor Lustig Who is he? He just sold the Eiffel Tower- Twice!The Philadelphia Newspaper tagged him as ‘the smoothest con man ever born!’ How did he do it? It was in 1925 that Lustig returned to Paris. Here, France was recovering from the damages caused by World War I. While residing in the city,Continue reading “Meet the smoothest conman ever born”

Roman Charity: Woman breastfeeds her father.

This picture shows a daughter, breastfeeding her father. The father is desperate to drink the milk of his daughter, while the small kid has no idea about what’s going on. What do you think about this? Incest? Taboo? Illegal? Crime?Majority of the readers would think the same. It’s a depiction of a story, where aContinue reading “Roman Charity: Woman breastfeeds her father.”

Gunther IV: A German Shepherd worth $400 million.

You ever heard of a canine arriving at an auction house by chauffeur-driven limousine? Ohh yes, you read it right, a chauffer driven limousine. . A German Shepherd named Gunther IV not only attended, but won a 2001 auction for a rare white truffle with the winning bid of 3 million Lira – or roughlyContinue reading “Gunther IV: A German Shepherd worth $400 million.”

The world’s deepest postbox and it’s weird.

Deep? Yeah, you read it right! How deep is it? Well, its 10 meters underwater! You would need diving suits to pick up and drop off the mail! What? The postmen in Japan always deliver, even if the mail is underwater. In the populated fishing town of Susami, Wajayama Prefecture, the then postmaster Toshihiko Matsumoto,Continue reading “The world’s deepest postbox and it’s weird.”

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