Song title – Grudge Written and composed by – LamCGenre – Rap : Lyrics : I was crossing through my block Saw a belle causing shock Thought it would be prank but I see the kid’s crying  Yowhat’s up kid what’s up man Why you’re crying like a baby yo Is it cause of that lady yo huhSir I wasContinue reading “GRUDGE – LamC”


Abandoned at the corner where history turned its pages, it stood beside the old lamp post that boasted of Victorian curves, no glory. When Maria still responded to the name Radha and Matthew was still wooing her, it was a new model coveted by many. He had worked hard to not come to India, whereContinue reading “Rear-view”


She plumped into her chair, her head bent backwards, eyes at the age old fan above her head whirling and making creaking noise. It was annoying. She didn’t get up to switch it off. Her mind began to contemplate the morning. She had excitedly announced her decision to donate her body to the regional medicalContinue reading “Servitude”

Do you believe in Ghosts? – A walkers diary

Personally, I am not a person who would believe in spectres and tales of wraiths. But like any other typical individual, I am convinced of the fact or I would rather say, I examine the possibility of the existence of positive energy. If there is positive energy, there must be negative energy of the sameContinue reading “Do you believe in Ghosts? – A walkers diary”

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