We deal about everything from light to dark, we do not represent colours, we are the shade of everything. Read more

  • Strangers in the night

    27th Mar 2020 by

    They sat on adjacent bar stools and played the same episode of the same show they have watched enough times for the characters to walk out of the screen and tell them, ” We are bored looking at you. Find something else watch!” They laughed. They worked all day, met at the end of it… Read more

  • THEY

    20th Mar 2020 by

    They were sitting across each other in a dense packed cafe located in the heart of the city. The place couldn’t be any quieter and this was the only place which was closest to where she worked and took the least time for her to commute. Like always he did reach before than she did.… Read more

  • Dear Friend,

    15th Mar 2020 by

    To my dear Best friend, friend, just a friend, not such a good friend This letter is for all the people who have touched my life being my friend in some or the other degree some way or other. This letter is a kind of small gesture towards them to let them know you do… Read more

  • Rewind

    28th Feb 2020 by

    These days when our ways partI feel like the Earth parts apartAnd the ground beneath my wheelsRewinds like a cassette of old songsUntil we meet againUntil dawn becomes dusk againUntil another goodbye These days when our hands untie I feel the clouds part apart And the ground beneath my feet Rewinds like a cassette of… Read more

  • An origin story

    10th Feb 2020 by

    She sat on the swing and thought of the childhood that befriended her briefly and left her bleeding at the crossroads of adulthood to die a slow, painful death. Ah those days! The wind chimes embraced her feet and mothers old sarees ruffled to form the perfect illusion of her own gown for the ball.… Read more

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