The Last Speech – The Great Dictator

I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor.That’s not my business.I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone.I should like to help everyone if possible.Jew – Gentile – Black Man, White.We all want to help one another, human beings are like that.We want to live by each other’s happiness.Not by each other’s misery.WeContinue reading “The Last Speech – The Great Dictator”

Gullak jaisi Little Things

“Indian maao ki yeh bechaini solution nahi mangti, bas mangti hain solution pe baatein. Kyunki ye baatein hi toh hain, jo kisse ban jaati hai aur jama ho jaati hain, kisson ki gullak main” The above dialogue even though may not make sense to you but is a dialogue from an online series called Gullak.Continue reading “Gullak jaisi Little Things”

We want our children to be happy, right?

When things fall apart, we look for reasons- Most look for reasons why the other person was wrong; Legend has it that there are people who look for reasons why they were wrong. Why do we never wonder in this moment of crisis, why do things need to fall apart at all? Is there notContinue reading “We want our children to be happy, right?”

Phir le aya dil…

“Love is a tough path to walk upon” That’s what this beautiful composition from the movie ‘Barfi’ tells us. The uniqueness of this song is the beautiful voice of Arijit Singh as well as Rekha Bhardwaj and the way the song is depicted in the movie (my personal favourite is the Rekha Bhardwaj version) TheContinue reading “Phir le aya dil…”

Top 20 greatest Television characters

Television has brought some very compelling characters to life, irrespective of whether they become a part of our fond memories or make a niche for themselves in our darkness. What is it that makes these characters live on for years after the primary run of the series? There could be several factors leading to it,Continue reading “Top 20 greatest Television characters”

World Mental Health

This blog is for you if you are 15, 20, 30 or 50 and all the others. The world witnesses a special day every year to raise awareness about the Mental Health of fellow humans since the year 1992. Raising awareness, helping out others who really need mental counselling and much more is done onContinue reading “World Mental Health”

Imagine the Evolution of the Revolution

Seventy Nine years ago today, on October 9, 1940 John Winston Lennon was born in Liverpool to Julia (née Stanley) and Alfred Lennon. John Lennon was an English singer, songwriter and peace activist who gained worldwide fame as the founder, co-lead vocalist, and rhythm guitarist of the Beatles. A band that was so popular andContinue reading “Imagine the Evolution of the Revolution”

Puneripun and The City which defined me

Disclaimer: ‘Puneripun’ refers to a special set of characteristics, qualities, abilities which have been imbibed in the residents of Pune city, Maharashtra, India. These people can insult anyone anywhere without blinking an eye, they have a peculiar set of insulting abilities, they are known for their whimsical restrictive boards placed outside the buildings, houses, shops,Continue reading “Puneripun and The City which defined me”

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