Top 20 greatest television characters Part 2

For Part 1
TOP 20-11 Characters List

10. Tony Soprano

The Sopranos

Played by: James Gandolfini

Tony Soprano is a murderer and a thief who preys on the society, exploiting the system shamelessly to enrich himself. Nevertheless, he is a sociopath. He is intelligent without being educated, successful without any work ethics and loving without being nurturing. He is horribly selfish with women, yet he has no desire to abuse them or dominate them for the sake of being dominant. He doesn’t shrink from getting blood on his hands, but takes no pleasure whatsoever in it even when furious. James Gandolfini plays a character that is so influencing that it has created a cultural impact, becoming an identity for all anti-hero protagonists. Tony is someone who always recognises his dirty work as dirty work; never trying to glorify it. Tony is often mentioned as a darker side of everyone who wants to act, but do not.

09. Sherlock Holmes


Played by: Benedict Cumberbatch

Who’d forget the world’s only consulting detective and a high functioning sociopath? Sherlock is a thinker and an observer; his incredible ability to notice and draw deductions from seemingly trivial details has been his representative approach in solving the crimes he investigates, an act he refers as his ‘mind palace’ a visual way of organising information. But the character soon loses interest in almost everything, noticeable trait is his proneness to boredom. Benedict Cumberbatch’s role soon became an iconic figure, the world famous detective was soon associated with the Cumberbatch version of Sherlock. Unlike the original work, Sherlock sets in the contemporary England and also relies upon technology and add to it Watson is now a blogger.

08. Phoebe Buffay-Hannigan


Played by: Lisa Kudrow

Often regarded as the toughest among Friends, and also one character who has authority over almost all the other characters. Phoebe is a sweet-natured but odd guitar player. Having experienced nothing like a normal, complete childhood, Phoebe is often very dim-witted, sometimes smart and is in some regards still a child at heart. Phoebe is the most promiscuous of the the other, being the one most often referred to as having casual sex. At times she prefers to be a loner and frequently uses the alter ego Regina Phalange when she is pretending to be someone else. Lisa Kudrow’s character became a necessity in every sit-com after Friends. Sheldon Cooper, Gina Linetti etc. are some characters inspired by Phoebe Buffay.

07. Jesse Pinkman

Breaking Bad

Played by: Aaron Paul

Often regarded as the tragic-hero and protagonist of Breaking Bad, Jesse Pinkman is a character, people could generally relate to. Jesse is impulsive and hedonistic, but also personable and possesses street-smarts. Jesse’s playful slang and frequent usage of words like ‘yo’, ‘beyatch’ (bitch), and likeness to wear garish clothes became a youth-cultural impact. Jesse is a man of good heart, he adores women and children, he hesitates to do anything that is morally wrong. Despite being a below average student, Jesse posses a great knowledge in producing methamphetamine. Aaron Paul’s character is a contrast of good and evil, Vince Gilligan, the creator of the series stated, “Jesse is a leader who thinks he’s a follower.”

06. Dexter Morgan


Played by: Michael C. Hall

Dexter Morgan, a charming serial killer also a practiced liar, someone who is highly intelligent, introspective, pragmatic, calculating, and a “master of compartmentalisation. Dexter is emotionless, except for anger, Dexter’s emotional responses are usually part of a well-rehearsed act. He frequently feels the urge to kill, but displays an incredible amount of self-control. In contrast to his general nature, He keeps his home clean and neat, writes meticulous lab reports, and carefully plans most of his kills. Dexter admittedly calls himself a “control freak.” Although Dexter ruthlessly and ritualistically kills murderers with no remorse, he often wishes that he could just lead a normal life. His attempts to do this prove fruitless in the end.  Dexter Morgan is more on the side of angels but is not one of them.

05. Chandler Bing


Played by: Matthew Perry

Each Friends fan has their favorite character, but it is a universally acknowledged truth that Chandler, is “the most lovable one”. Often regarded as funniest of Friends, Chandler is the one character where every guy can relate themselves to. From his bromance with Joey to his unwavering love for Monica made the audience share deep affection with him. Even if Ross-Rachael was the primary attention of Friends, Chandler-Monica was the most celebrated relation. Chandler might be the only sit-com character to have used the one-liner punches for almost every situation. His miserable urge to find love, sardonic sarcasm, unrealistic future plans, healthy lies for healthy relationship and self consciousness were something that a generation commemorated.

04. Barney Stinson

How I Met Your Mother

Played by: Neil Patrick Harris

Barney Stinson is not a gentleman nor an awesome individual but keeps telling himself so. The suits he wears are sub-par. Many of his pick-up attempts are lame and a failure. He doesn’t know how to hold a champagne flute or a wine glass. People who know him so well don’t consider him celebrated but again he considers himself as ‘legendary’. He’s outrageous, funny, daring, and always out for a fun night. He’s also an incredibly loyal friend. Out of the cast, he is the one that goes the furthest for friendship. Neil Patrick’s character is popularly and critically often considered as the best character in comedy genre.

03 Tyrion Lannister

Game of Thrones

Played By: Peter Dinklage

A character that has evolved to something a lot of people are not happy about, but hey how can you forget Peter Dinklage’s unmatched performance? Tyrion is an underdog, different, unappreciated and highly discriminated and yet built an excusit character. The only voice of reason and wisdom, Tyrion is technically the author himself. George R. R. Martin has expressed his love for the character and the fact he is the closest to the embodiment of himself. Peter Dinklage might not always be the character with the most action, or the most heroic and bravest hero, or Azor Ahai, and he isn’t equally well-acted from Season 5 and on, but for at least the first 4 seasons, he was unmistakeably the best actor, giving the most believable, realistic, fine and accurate range of emotion, charm, all of the attributes and charetaristics To most critics, Dinklage’s version was a better portrayal of Tyrion Lannister than from the books.

02 Homer Jay Simpson

The Simpsons

Played By: Dan Castellaneta

The only animated character in the list and yet is one of the most relatable character of our times. Homer Simpson may just be a normal man, but he has had many great achievements and experiences in his life. He has won a Grammy, an Academy Award, a Pulitzer Prize, been to space, and has saved Springfield many times. Homer is a pure moron who can go back and forth from being downright horrible to an extremely caring and loving man. As a lot of people believed, Homer Simpson is an exaggeration of every trait common to an average person. As such, most people can relate to him via projection or assimilation of character. USA Today cited the character as being one of the “top 25 most influential people of the past 25 years” in 2007, adding that Homer “epitomized the irony and irreverence at the core of American humor.”

01. Walter (Heisenberg) White

Breaking Bad

Played by: Bryan Cranston

This may probably not surprise you, but Walter White is morally a reprehensible characters at the centre of modern television dramas. While most television characters have an arch, Walter White has had a clear downward trajectory. Vince Gilligan probably initiated a revolution by introducing a protagonist who develops to be the most the most cunning and ruthless antagonist. From an overqualified teacher who was detected with lung cancer to a remorseless selfish drug kingpin, Walter was treat to any audience. Walter is an extremely prideful, egotistical, arrogant and megalomaniacal man, yet deeply complex and insecure. Bryan Cranston’s performance has received several critical acclaim, he has won four Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor, the highest in the category. He is the only actor to win a Critics’ Choice, Golden Globe, Primetime Emmy and Screen Actors Guild Award for this performance.

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